Kelvin Broadus

Inspiring even the "underdog" 
to have its day!

Who is Kelvin Broadus?

Kelvin Broadus is often referred to as an "idea man" because of his creativity and insight for new and more innovative ways to take businesses and projects to greater levels. Through years of experience developing and publishing creative works and articles, and providing evaluation and consultation services across a wide spectrum of industries regarding entrepreneurship and concept creation & development, he has become established as a leader in the creative consulting and speaking fields.

Even more, Mr. Broadus has a passion for the "underdog.". He stands in the corner of the "little fish in the big pond" to encourage them to overcome the giants they face in their lives, and help them realize their true value and potential so that they can take charge of their situations and establish the futures they desire.

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What can he offer me?

The primary two areas that Mr. Broadus specializes in are speaking and entrepreneurial consulting. The lists below indicate what he can offer you, or your organization.

Motivational Speaking

  • Over 15 years of speaking in churches, seminars, and corporate events.
  • Multiple businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • The encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to face any obstacle or challenge.
  • A passion and drive to see lives and circumstances changed for the better.
  • The ability to see beyond your limitations, fears, and doubts so that you can see the true potential and opportunity of every position.

Entrepreneurial Consulting

  • Thorough evaluation of your current situation with attainable recommendations that achieve results.
  • A lifetime worth of experiences and accomplishments including:
    • Proprietor of multimedia publishing company, Artistry At Its Finest, and founder of UGFE Ministries
    • Published author
    • Published music CD, "I Had To Do It"
    • Multiple nominations for the official Marquis' Who's Who in America
    • Founder of the improv comedy group, Satirated
  • Creative support tools to maximize your efforts including:
    • Logo and illustration design
    • Writing and editing services
    • Voice-over talents for television and radio commercials

If you know that these services will benefit you, your company, or your organization, send your booking request through this website and we will be in touch with you soon.

Clients and Associations

We have worked with some of the most innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. Some of the organizations/companies that Mr. Broadus has consulted, trained, or spoken at, include:

  • YP
  • The Respectable Vision
  • AT&T
  • Earl Marketing
  • Epic Drama Group
  • Aflac
  • Vision Inspired Media
  • Primerica
  • Kingdom Fulfillment Records
  • Lawson Law Firm, LLC
  • UGFE Ministries
  • Broadus Marketing Associates
  • your name here...

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