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Fight For It!

Posted by kelvinbroadus on April 12, 2012 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

In any given fight, you have three potential outcomes that can occur. The first and most preferred outcome is that you win the fight by defeating your enemy. When you win, whatever it was that you were fighting to keep or fighting to gain remains or becomes yours. The second outcome is that you lose the battle. If you lose the battle and are still alive, then you have the ability to get back up and start over with something else (more training, wisdom, etc.) and eventually when you find yourself in another future battle, you may just win the next one. Either way you look at it as a new start. If you lose the battle and are destroyed... well, in that case nothing will ever affect you again anyway. The third outcome, which may even be worse than a loss, is a stalemate. North Korea and South Korea are in a weird predicament because since there was never an actual treaty, they technically remain at war. Another similar situation was with the U.S. and Russia during the "Cold War." This scenario causes you to be in a place where you can never really relax and move on, but you also are too afraid or too tired to continue, and is the most unproductive situation of all.

In your life, you will also have many battles... many fights. It may be in an intimate relationship (marriage, etc.). It may be in a job or business that you have. It may even be within (internal struggle). Whatever your battle is though, I want to encourage you to keep fighting! Keep fighting until you either WIN, or until you LOSE, but don't stop fighting until one is done. If you lose, don't fret, because at least you'll get the opportunity to rest and start over for the next time. Whatever you do, don't just stop and get stuck in a stalemate position where you cannot move either way. Fight hard, and finish strong! Win or lose, if you finish, there's hope. Fight on, until it is done! It's your life, and it's worth fighting for! Fight for it now!!!

Stop Beating That Horse

Posted by kelvinbroadus on January 24, 2012 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

There is an old experession that says, "stop beating a dead horse." It refers to continuing to complain about, or get some life from, a situation that is no longer in existence or trying to convince someone who has no chance (especially due to outright refusal) of being convinced. An example would be trying to convince a true person of faith that God doesn't exist or trying to convince an atheist that He does exist. Either is fully convinced already in his/her beliefs and will not be swayed, for in his/her mind it is already settled.

My message of the day, then, is to stop beating the dead horse in your life! No matter how much you continue to beat that dead horse, it is not going to come back to life; it is not going to be resurrected. There may have been some failed (or never sprouted) businesses that you wanted to start, an old career path that never took off, an old dream that has shown that it was not worth pursuing, an old relationship that was never meant to be more than just friends, an old and futile argument with a family member that still keeps "bad blood" between you, or a number of other things.

Instead of continuing to keep pressing that same issue, move on and embrace the new and better things that life has to offer. If you, literally, had a dead horse, the only way you'd get any NEW life out of it would be to discard it and repurpose it's remains. You could bury it and then new life would come from its decomposition creating fertilizer for the LIFE of new plants/grass to sprout. You could have it, and sorry for the graphic but true example, ground up and turned into dog food to give LIFE to someone's pet. Either way, the only way that it would now give new life is by discarding and repurposing the remains.

Whatever the dead situation may have been in your life, the one that you keep trying to argue and fight for with no avail, needs to be discarded. Stop fighting for that which shall result in no more life or value! Discard it, and repurpose the remains! Let it go and use the remains (the lessons learned) to give new life to the new ventures/relationships/opportunities that avail themselves. I encourage you... stop beating the dead horses in your life! Start living renewed!!! 

Kelvin Broadus is a Life Enjoyment Expert, Prophet, and Coach, helping people to see their true potential to achieve their personal greatness. Contact him for coaching services or to book for speaking today!

Are You A Producer?

Posted by kelvinbroadus on September 15, 2011 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Movies have the amazing power to captivate, motivate, encourage, teach, and even change the perspective of the people that are viewing them. They also have, however, the ability to make the producers a LOT of money! You may have seen the recent article about Tyler Perry being the highest paid person in entertainment, beating out even some of the longstanding producers such as Steven Spielberg and others. People look at these "giants" in the industry with awe and envy, but yet fail to realize a major key to their successes. To understand this "key," one must first understand what a producer does.

Movie producers, music producers, television show producers, and the like don't just have great ideas handed to them, and none of them are getting a "free ride." The very nature of being an executive producer is supplying the financial backing to bring a creative work together. In other words, the producer is the person who finds (or is given) the idea of the new movie, and provides the upfront money to hire the directors, actors, crews, etc., in hopes of receiving a great profit in the end at the theaters. What does that mean? It means that they take on risk and lots of it!

Any given production has the potential to be a major flop, which could mean a devastating multi-million dollar loss (of all that was invested to pay actors, directors, staff, crews, etc.), or it could end up the best movie of the year and result in multiple millions in profits. Such a risk is towering, and yet too many people are too afraid to risk less then a couple of hundred dollars in their own businesses, despite the potential of success.

Understand something; these Hollywood producers were not always wealthy. They had to take such great risks at smaller levels that progressively became larger and larger, to get where they are. What sets them apart from so many other dreamers is that the believed so much in what they were doing, that they stepped over the risk of failure, bypassed the fear of losing it all, and pursued their dream with all of their heart and effort. It takes this same type of mentality to do anything great.

Each and every one of us can become just as successful, just as wealthy as these major entertainment producers. You don't have to be in media to be successful either. You do, however, have to be confident and secure enough, and believe in yourself enough, to see past the initial fears. You have to be willing to believe so much in your idea that failure is NOT an option! You have to be willing to invest in your dreams to produce the results you want, understanding that what you are sending out for the investment will come back to you multiplied if you give it your all. Ultimately, for whatever you want to achieve in your life, you have to be the PRODUCER. So, ask yourself this question: What am I producing?


Kelvin Broadus is a Life Enjoyment Expert, Prophet, and Coach, helping people to see their true potential to achieve their personal greatness. Contact him for coaching services or to book for speaking today!

Don't Forget Where You Come From

Posted by kelvinbroadus on April 21, 2011 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

There is an old saying that addresses the idea of remaining true to your "roots," or your heritage. It is often used to address when people have grown up in a particular area or city, grow up and move away, and then return acting as though there is nothing familiar anymore or as if they are now "too good" for the people they grew up with. In truth, it is important to remember your heritage, or background, even if you have exceeded by learning better ways in your current stage of life. Likewise, in terms of business, it is also very important to remember your past, as this is what will continue to open doors for your future.

In fact, the business world is much more like an elephant than the personal world in many cases, as in professionally, nothing is ever forgotten. If you have ever been fired or reprimanded on a previous job, you can rest assure that 9 times out of 10, it will or can be discovered. If you have had any credit issues, your new employers will normally check your credit and discover it. And, if you have ever quit a position, this will also be determined for any significant job. Therefore, don't forget where you came from, because your new potential employers, partners, clients, etc., surely will remember.

Having had mistakes, however, is not necessarily the worst that can happen. The worse that can happen is to appear as though you have forgotten, or are hiding "where you come from." In this digital age, almost anything can be found on anybody. With just a few keystrokes a person's personal information can be pried into, especially for business associates/employers that have the monetary resources to pay for these services. Because of this, there is a certain level of transparency that is necessary.

Though you don't have to go into a business meeting with a new partner/client or a job interview, discussing everything you've ever done wrong like a broken faucet, you do need to be prepared to explain any negative marks on your "public profile" that may possibly be questioned. One thing to learn from all of the high profile controversial cases you see on television is that the worst mistake that most of them have made was trying to cover the issues up. Instead, take ownership for all of the mistakes and apply the lessons you've learned to your life. If you can address any mistake by applying and explaining the lesson learned, and/or indicating the validation in the reason (if there is a valid reason), then you are doing everything possible to clean it up. Most importantly, you are demonstrating integrity. Any decent business person understands that mistakes happen, but also understand that the most important part to any mistake is the lesson learned from it. This is why practically all of the most successful business people can attest to having had hardships, bankruptcies, etc., along with their mass success, and continue to remain successful and respected. It's not what you have done, but how you responded to what you have done that is most important. With that point, don't forget where you come from, but rather remember, and allow the lesson from it to take you further than ever imagined before!


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Unlocking Perception

Posted by kelvinbroadus on August 9, 2010 at 5:14 PM Comments comments (1)

A statement that is generally true is that "perception is reality." More specifically, a person's perspective is THAT PERSON'S reality. Classic wisdom teaches us good communication is often based more on how we make others feel more than the intent behind it. This is why many times a person can do something for another with the best intentions in the world, but then still find the person he/she was doing it for to be annoyed, angered, disappointed, etc., by the act that was meant for good.


One thing that causes the good intentions to be received bad is solely based upon the receiver's perception (combined often with poor delivery by the sender ). And, the wrong perception can be disastrous in all kinds of relationships from personal to professional. Just think of all of the bad interviews that people have had, and how the poor first impression resulted in a lasting negative perception throughout the person's tenure. Though the wrong perception can hurt the senders, it can also greatly hurt the receivers (preventing them from receiving much greater opportunities/ blessings/ etc.), and therefore, we will focus in this blog on changing our personal perceptions.


There are several things that are essentially required to be able to change personal perception, and they include the following:

  • An Open Mind - A mind that is not ready to be challenged is a closed mind and a closed mind cannot be fed. The biggest reason why people aren't able to achieve their dreams (or don't even try) is because of a closed mind that perceives too many limits, too many obstacles, and too much difficulty.
  • Overcoming of Fear - Fear actually contributes to keeping the mind closed because people are afraid of: failure, success, being proven wrong...
  • Forgiveness of Others - Many people are actually held in constant bondage because of their unwillingness to forgive. Scriptures tell us, psychologists tell us, and experts around the world tell us that forgiveness of others over their shortcomings is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves, yet it is often so hard because of fear of more disappointment.
  • Passion - Normally when a person is passionate about self-improvement or accomplishing a certain goal, the afore-mentioned issues are much easier to overcome. We have to learn, as people, how to let our passion drive us beyond our perception and the world of opportunity will be opened.

Once you have put these types of practices into play, perception can be changed. This is vital also, because if a person's perception is his/her reality, this proves that it is what is in the person's head that is keeping him/her where he/she is in life, and that the starting part of changing his/her life, is by training him/herself to change perception.




For more information about changing your perception, contact us today for coaching opportunities. Kelvin Broadus is an Inspirational Speaker and Prophetic Life Empowerment Coach, dedicated to helping people understand and achieve their personal best.

Caffeine, Sugar, and YOUR Health

Posted by kelvinbroadus on August 6, 2010 at 4:34 PM Comments comments (0)

Practically every day, people go to work, starting their days with cups of coffee, sodas, and/or energy drinks.  They often find themselves feeling like without these things, they cannot make it through the day.  They can often even have other options to quench their thirsts (water, juice, etc.) and yet they still spend the extra money to go purchase that cup of coffee or energy drink/soda.  This can actually be a dangerous thing.

One of the best ways to have sufficient energy has nothing to do with ingesting high caffeine, high sugar items, but instead is completely natural.  These standard drinks (coffee, soda) do provide what feels like a "pick me up," but the trade off really isn't worth it.  Continuing to consume these beverages religiously can end up resulting in the feeling that without them, you cannot function.  This can also be referred to as craving or feening, or having an addiction.  Once you have this addiction, it becomes difficult to even understand or recognize natural energy.

What does that mean for you?

What this means is that too many of us have been "supercharged" on unnatural stimulants, getting highs and lows from them for so long, that we can no longer understand what it truly means to experience true energy, and this is a disturbing reality that we should consider changing.  We find it so hard to understand it though, because unless we get that quick boost/charge, we feel that there is no energy there, and this is a misconception.  Real energy isn't over charged, but is smooth, consistent, and ENOUGH.  Yet in our greed-based ways, we always want more than enough and overly intense.  We are a generation of energy junkies.  When you allow yourself to get used to the natural way, however, you will find it completely satisfying and sufficient.

To maximize your natural energy, there are some steps to take, some components that are required. These are as follows:

  1. Enough rest - One reason we keep “needing” these unnatural charge-ups is because we keep pushing ourselves to extremes that drain us beyond what our bodies should be handling.  We have so much on our plates with work, school, family, socializing, etc., that we neglect the foundation of our health, rest.  Make sure to get enough sleep at night and take time to spend quietness for yourself.  Your body will thank you for it.
  2. Balanced diet - We eat so much hormone induced food, fast food, and junk food that our body spends too much effort trying to process it, and not enough time maximizing nutrients and vitamins that it needs to function with great energy.  Our energy has to be directed by our bodies towards trying to clean up the junk that we've put into it.  Start eating more natural foods, fruits, vegetables, less scavenger meats, etc., and this will have a great impact on improving your energy.
  3. Exercise - Once you begin keeping some manageable activity in your life, the reduction of stress and elimination of toxins that occurs when participating in physical activity will help to free up a lot of energy that was previously weighed down by the toxic waste that was there.  Exercise is also great way to begin building your endurance so that you can maintain energy levels for longer periods of time.

Put these natural practices into play, and though you may not realize what is going on at first, you will eventually notice that you CONSISTENTLY have all the energy that youneed to accomplish the tasks of your days.  Get energized, but do it the right way!



Expertise Cultures

Posted by kelvinbroadus on March 25, 2010 at 4:06 PM Comments comments (0)

In biological labs, scientists often take some sort of organism and place it in these little glass dishes, Petri dishes, to allow it to grow to sufficient levels. The dishes contain "food" to assist in this growth process, allowing it to increase at a level far quicker, and to a state that is far stronger, than in nature.


In our lives, workplaces, and beyond, we often need to be at our greatest strength in terms of our responsibilities, but unfortunately tend to fail at putting the same effort into "growing our expertise." Our brains are similar, in theory, to the Petri dish, and the skills that we are developing are like the bacteria. Just as you have to feed the bacteria and ALLOW IT TO GROW by giving it time to absorb and process the food, we also must do the same for our skills.


We feed our skills by reading constantly, attending seminars, and learning from others who are able to teach us. We allow our skills to grow and develop by reflecting on what we've been learning and PRACTICING those things.


If we are willing to follow these same types of principles used in the lab for our own personal growth, we'd be surprised at how quickly and how strong our skill levels would also increase, but instead of having cultures of bacteria, we'd have cultures of expertise.

Your Power Source

Posted by kelvinbroadus on October 29, 2009 at 2:57 PM Comments comments (0)

Any electrical device can only operate if it is plugged into a power outlet. One thing often less considered though is that the performance of that device can also be hindered, though it may still be on, if the power source isn’t sufficient or if the plug is not securely plugged in. Once it is plugged in though, the polarization would then affect whether the result is positive or negative. Though I’m not going to go into details about the different types of charges and so forth, I will make the point that if a device is plugged into the correct type of power source the proper result will occur, but if it is plugged into the wrong type of power source, negative things will occur. Just the same, our lives are powered by the sources that we are plugged into; if we want a good life we must get firmly plugged and planted into good sources.


Considering this, we know that for success, we must plug into successful sources, things that will motivate, educate, and prepare us for success. Some might say, “Well I listen to the message at church every Sunday and nothing changes” or “I’ve attended some seminars.” Those things are good, but there’s a difference between temporary charges and being plugged in. If you plug your television into the socket and then unplug it, the power is gone, and in some devices you have to completely reset them after they’ve been unplugged. Most of the time in people’s lives, that is what happens to them. They find the sources for their success, but they don’t remain plugged in (always drifting away and plugging back into the negativity over and over again), but in order for the changes (the proper function of your life) to occur, you have to remain plugged in long enough to complete the process!


You can have success, growth, happiness, or whatever it is that you desire. Life is given to be lived to the fullest, but if you ever wonder why it keeps appearing to be short-lived or why it just won’t seem to remain, you need to first check to make sure you are plugged in to the right power source. Once plugged in, remain plugged throughout the entire process, and you’ll be surprised what happens.

Hot Potato Customer Service

Posted by kelvinbroadus on August 31, 2009 at 6:18 PM Comments comments (0)

As kids, most of us at one time played the game of "Hot Potato." This is a game where a group of people stand together, often in a circle, and throw a ball back and forth to each other as though it is a hot potato that will burn their hands if held too long. In fact, I believe that it limits the players to holding the ball no more than about two seconds, and if they either hold it too long or drop it, they are out.

While this is a fun game for children, it translates to a poor principle of service in the business world. Unfortunately though, many times you will see people playing "hot potato" with their projects, assignments, tasks, by always trying to dish the work to someone else and never taking responsibility for it themselves. Or when it does actually land in their hands and they have no one to pass it to, they "drop the ball."


As professionals, it is important to leave the games alone. A very wise man by the name of Paul once declared: "When I was a child, I spoke as a child; I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things." And just as in this statement, as adults that are professionals, we too have to put away this childish game in our work lives. At some point, to be successful, we have to accept that understanding that "the buck stops here," put on our gloves, and deal with whatever tasks become our responsibility. For in business where there is no "I" in team, the ball is no longer a toy but a bowling ball and if it is dropped, EVERYBODY's toes get crushed. The "hot potato" must be held unto and completed if the benefits are to be gained.

Don't Choke

Posted by kelvinbroadus on August 19, 2009 at 6:59 PM Comments comments (0)

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a seizure (medical) as:

"a : a sudden attack (as of disease); especially : the physical manifestations (as convulsions, sensory disturbances, or loss of consciousness) resulting from abnormal electrical discharges in the brain (as in epilepsy) b : an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain."

Most people typically ONLY recognize a seizure as the convulsion inducing type, yet there are often times where it is not quite as visible. Either way, the most important part to understand is the result from an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain.


Unfortunately, there are many times in the business world where abnormal electrical discharges of the brain also occur, especially in uncomfortable positions and opportunities before people of great influence and power. These "abnormal brain activities" are the effect of extreme nervousness and also often result in the "foot-in-mouth" syndrome if not treated properly. Learning from the "normal" seizures though, we have a course of action that we can take.


When a person has a seizure, it is common for medical professionals to try and delicately restrain the person and, even more, use something to hold the person's tongue to prevent him or her from choking. Likewise, when placed in an uncomfortable situation and you find yourself reacting strangely (such as with nervous movements, disturbed senses, and/or loss of consciousness (your mind going blank)), it may be best to follow the same guidelines of restraining yourself and holding your tongue (staying quiet) to prevent a disastrous situation of getting choked up. Sometimes it is truly best not to say or do anything when you are in a situation of discomfort, learning the important lesson that "silence is beautiful." But finally, if you must speak, please wait until the seizure-like symptoms have passed and you have recovered your thoughts, so that you do not choke up, and mess up, your opportunity.