Kelvin Broadus

Inspiring even the "underdog" 
to have its day!

Artistic Background & Portfolio


One of Kelvin Broadus' many talents is found in acting. Mr. Broadus was acting for years in local church plays and such, but really found his niche through his old high school drama program. Through a single supportive role during his senior year, in a play called "You Can't Take It With You" - role of "Mr. DePinna," his destiny in the dramatic arena was forged with rave reviews and a director's award.

Now Mr. Broadus offers dramatic artistry commercially via voice over services and advertisment commercials, and is available for major motion picture productions depending on the role, having also done some "extra" work in movies such as "ATL" and now being the lead actor of the improv/skit comedy group, Satirated, which he founded and developed.

Improv/Comedy samples - Satirated Sketch Comedy Group YouTube page

Songwriting and Musical Performance 

Kelvin Broadus, alias Prophesizer, is a musical artist in the true sense of the word that has been writing raps and songs for over 18 years. He has been a part of numerous rap groups over the years, primarily in the middle Georgia area, and has performed at places such as Jones County High School, Columbus State University, and Aflac Talent Shows, always receiving excellent responses. He's been offered various record deals, but remains an independent artist until/unless the right one comes along. As far as his "style" is concerned, it is skillful enough to crush most MC's in the business, yet the content remains positive, inspirational, and filled with messages of social awakening and empowerment. His rap lyrics are fast paced, yet some of his music is poetic in nature, and there are even traditional songs.

Music Samples - The Prophesizer Soundclick site, with free downloads.

Illustration and Visual Art

One of the first talents that Kelvin Broadus realized he had was the ability to draw. This artist grew up challenging others to drawing contests, and has been hailed as an excellent artist time and time again. Though he has the ability to produce some of the most realistic images through pencil/graphite illustration and oil pastel, his illustrative passion is in character creation and painting passion is in expressive, abstract artwork.

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